Uptown Core


Uptown Core is the name of a larger neighbourhood that extends south of Dundas Street and is designated as a growth area by the City of Oakville.  It is located in Central Oakville at the major intersection of Trafalgar and Dundas.  The area includes high-rise condos and stacked townhouses at higher densities than typical suburban neighbourhoods within the GGH.  There are lots of amenities, such as community centres, schools, shops and restraurants, but they are mostly separated from the residential areas, making walking inconvenient. 




8,672 people
2,340 jobs
271 ha
32 people/ha
41 jobs + people/ha

block density 

412 people
2.6 hectares
158 people/ha


163 people
0.74 hectares
220 people/ha




Several schools, daycares and community centres within walking distance

Short block sizes make it easier to reach destinations

Large parking lots separate residential and commercial areas, making it difficult to reach anything on foot

As the neighbourhood matures, car-centric features will likely become less dominant

Big-box format retail - oriented towards the car



Many transit stops within walking distance

A number of local public transit routes service the neighbourhood and connect it to the GO Transit station, Sheridan College, the Hospital and 407 GO Carpool

Uptown Core Bus Terminal has bus shelter that acts as mini transit node; connects local transit with Oakville GO Transit station (20 minutes by bus)



Mix of housing types with lots of opportunity for growth

21 hectares of retail-related parking

Parking lots, industrial buildings provide opportunity for additional new development  and opportunities to adapt existing industrial buildings for the job market

Official Plan and site specific policies support re-development and increased density


Green & Open Spaces

51 hectares of green & open space 

This is equivalent to 5 hectares per 1000 people

Linear greenspaces make it more accessible to greater number of people 

Well connected recreational space helps residents move through the community on foot or on bicycle



Lots of amenities in big box plazas. 

Amenities in the area include:  

  • Various restaurants
  • Banks
  • Walmart and Canadian Superstore
  • Community facilities (schools, child care, and community centres)
  • Halton Regional Police Service
  • Optometrist
  • Pharmacy
  • Gym 
  • Liquor store 

2,340 jobs and 8,672 residents



Front entrances provide easy physical access to the street; improves safety through 'eyes on street'

Car storage in the back keeps streets clear 

Parking dominates the public realm in commercial area