Downtown Burlington


Downtown Burlington is located at the southern end of City of Burlington, along Lake Ontario.  It is a typical mid-sized city downtown in many ways, characterized by a main street with local businesses, and surrounded by residential neighbourhoods.  Downtown Burlington is designated as a mixed-use centre in the Official Plan ans is identified as a Urban Growth Centre in the Growth Plan. 

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Downtown Burlington has:

9,635 people

4,605 jobs

184 ha

77 jobs + people/ha

Block level density 

7.2 ha

82 people

11 people/ha





Block level density 

1.05 ha

601 people

571 people/h



Residential areas are close to the downtown, making it easy to walk to amenities. But neighbourhoods were built for the car; garages and driveways are prominent; blocks are long and some streets don't connect to main street. Access to waterfront trail provides recreational opportunities. 

Within walking distance (400m) there are:

  • 2 schools 
  • 3 community centres
  • 2 daycare facilities


Many transit stops within walking distance

Burlington Transit Bus Terminal located downtown, with buses arriving every 30 minutes.

Local buses connect to Burlington GO Station (15 minutes by bus)


Mix of single-detached, mid-rise (4-12 stories), semi-detached, raw houses.

Parking lots, industrial buildings provide opportunity for development. The Official Plan and site specific policies support re-development. 

There have been 12 redevelopment sites approved over last 15 years.



Green & Open Spaces

13 h of municipal park space

This is equvilant to 2 hectares for every 100 people. 


Wide range of shops & amenities along main street. 

Amenities in the area include:  

  • Grocery stores
  • Burlington Public Library
  • Several gyms, YMCA
  • Cultural spaces
  • Municipal office
  • Hotels
  • Wide range of restaurants, cafes and bakeries
  • Banks
  • Several parks and green spaces
  • Post office

The area has a total of 1,655 jobs, compared to 2,894 people


Public realm improvements along main street

Heritage buildings

Opportunity for Façade Renovations/Restoration

Linking the Downtown to the Waterfront

Minimize and improve parking