Downtown Burlington


Downtown Burlington is located on Lake Ontario and is home to City Hall.  It is a typical mid-sized city downtown, characterized by a main street, and surrounded by residential neighbourhoods. The Downtown is designated as a mixed-use centre in the Official Plan and is identified as an Urban Growth Centre in the Provincial Growth Plan. The area is well connected by transit (although the Go Station is a car or bus ride away) and the main street provides lots of amenities within walking distance of residential neighbourhoods.  




9,635 people
4,605 jobs
184 ha
52 people/ha
77 jobs + people/ha

Block level density 

82 people
7.2 hectares
11 people/ha


601 people
1.05 hectares
571 people/h




Within walking distance (400m) there are 2 schools, 3 community centres and 2 daycare facilities

Residential areas are close to the downtown, making it easy to walk to shops and services

Neighbourhoods were built for the car; garages and driveways are prominent; blocks are long and some streets don't connect to main street

Access to waterfront trail provides recreational opportunities



Many transit stops within walking distance

Burlington Bus Terminal located downtown, with buses arriving every 30 minutes

Local buses connect to Burlington GO Station (15 minutes by bus)

diversity copy.png


Good mix of housing, including detached and attached single family, high-rise, mid-rise and town homes

Recently built condo apartments give residents looking to downsize more options

12 hectares of commercial parking; Parking lots and low-rise buildings along main street (Brant St.) provide opportunity for growth 

Opportunity for growth along waterfront 

Policy and zoning support growth and redevelopment 



green open spaces copy.png

Green & Open Spaces

13 h of municipal park space

This is equivalent to 1.3 hectares per 1000 people

Waterfront provides great opportunities for recreational and nature-based activity 

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Wide range of shops & amenities along the main street. 

Amenities in the area include:  

  • Grocery stores
  • Burlington Public Library
  • Several gyms, YMCA
  • Cultural spaces
  • Municipal office
  • Hotels
  • Wide range of restaurants, cafes and bakeries
  • Banks
  • Several parks and green spaces
  • Post office

9,635 residents and 4,605 jobs



Heritage buildings contribute to unique sense of place

Public realm improvements along main street make for pleasant pedestrian environment

Opportunity for Façade Renovations/restoration of older buildings along Brant Street

Opportunity to animate waterfront and connect with downtown 

Opportunity to minimize ashpalt and improve public realm around parking lots along Brant Street